together for a paradigm shift

Who we are

We are 26 organisations from 5 countries with expertise on the challenges of developing social innovations.

Our partners

What we do

We push for improving the economic framework conditions for social innovation throughout Europe.

Our goals

Why we do it

For a cooperative sustainable society with future-facing organisations focused on solving social challenges.

Our mission

With joint efforts!

We collaborate to advance and strengthen the social innovation ecosystem in Europe. There are real and passionate people at work behind ESIA. If you are curious about who we are and what we do:

Get to know the partners!


The European Social Innovation Alliance is a joint project of Centre for Social Investment, Danish Design Centre, Danish Social Innovation Academy, Diakonie Schleswig-Holstein, FASE GmbH, Foundation for Civil Society, Glasgow Caledonian University, Institute for Work and Technology, Phineo gAG, Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland e.V., Shipyard Foundation, Social Enterprise Estonia, Social Innovation Exchange, Tallinn University, Technical University Dortmund, Võru County Development Agency with the lead partner Social Impact gGmbH and is funded by the European Commission via the European Social Fund and the European Programme for Employment and Social Innovation.