Kote O

KOTE_O is the Danish platform for social innovation. The Danish Social Innovation Academy and the Danish Design Center lead the establishment of the platform together with a strong network of dedicated partners.

We connect social innovators from civil society, knowledge institutions, public sector, and business. Together we reignite Denmark’s ability to create groundbreaking solutions to societal challenges by:

  • Strengthening the social innovation ecosystem
  • Capacity building of central actors
  • Agenda setting and advocacy to secure political prioritization

Team Denmark

Anders Folmer Buhelt
- Academy for Social Innovation -

Clara Dawe
- Academy for Social Innovation -

Sotsiaalse Innovatsiooni Kompetentsikeskus

Estonia's Competence Centre for Social Innovation is led by the National Foundation for Civil Society (KÜSK) in partnership with Tallinn University, Estonian Social Enterprise Network and Development Centre of Võru County.

We are in a process of establishing the Social Innovation Competence Centre (Sotsiaalse Innovatsiooni Kompetentsikeskus) which aims to create a more connected and collaborative cross-sectoral social innovation ecosystem in Estonia, as well as strengthening international network and cooperation. The partnership of six actors from the social innovation field in Estonia has been formed to raise awareness of social innovation, to create national definition and strategy, to share and learn from best practices in the European Union.

Team Estonia

Evelyn Valtin
- National Foundation for Civil Society -

Marju Mäger
- National Foundation for Civil Society -

Minna Harjo
- Estonian Ministry of the Interior -

Katri-Liis Lepik
- Tallinn University -

Triin Kübar
- Tallinn University -

Marten Lauri
- Estonian Ministry of the Interior -

Ülle Tillmann
- Development Centre of Võru County -

Kätlyn Jürisaar
- Social Enterprise Estonia -

Anna Agejeva
- Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs -

Kompetenzzentrum für Soziale Innovationen

Germany's Competence Centre for Social Innovation is led by Social Impact in partnership with SEND, TU Dortmund, FASE, Diakonie Schleswig-Holstein, Phineo and more asscoiate partners.

Our vision is a social and ecological reorganization of our economy and society, which is equipped to address the many societal challenges and to create an inclusive and just society on a level playing field. To get closer to that vision, we are driving the development of the best possible framework conditions for Social Innovation to flourish, we are linking and exchanging experience and knowledge with national and international social innovation actors and help them to implement and establish innovative ideas.

Team Germany

Norbert Kunz
- Social Impact -
project lead
Strategy & ESF-Management

Dr. Christoph Kaletka
- TU Dortmund -
Social Innovation Ecosystem & Transnational Activities

Dr. Grit Kühne
- Diakonie Schleswig-Holstein -

Dr. Markus Freiburg
- FASE -
Impact Financing

Birgit Heilig
- Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland-

Thomas Steiner
- Phineo -
Impact Measurement

SI Connect

UK's Competence Centre for Social Innovation is led by the Glasgow Caledonian University and Social Innovation Exchange.

Social Innovation Connect (SI Connect) aims to create a better, more connected UK social innovation ecosystem across the regions, with stronger transnational ties to Europe and beyond. From a partnership between Glasgow Caledonian University and Social Innovation Exchange, who have been working closely together defining and conceptualising the UK centre; SI Connect aims to bring together and link innovators and stakeholders from diverse sectors, to allow them to create and put into action innovative ideas that can have a positive impact in the world.

Team United Kingdom

Mark Anderson
- Glasgow Caledonian University -

Natalia Popielska
- Glasgow Caledonian University -

So Jung Rim
- Social Innovation Exchange -

Rose Cawood
- Glasgow Caledonian University -

Fié Neo
- Social Innovation Exchange -

Fiona Henderson
- Glasgow Caledonian University -


Poland's Competence Centre for Social Innovation is led by the Shipyard foundation.

Social Innovation Port aims to build stronger ties between institutions supporting social innovation in Poland, where a number of institutions (public and private) supporting social innovation have been active for several years and the process of their integration is underway. The key role of Shiphyard Foundation is to catalyze them and provide the best possible models of work. We attempt to create a kind of gateway and a place to exchange the best of Poland's experience with what is emerging in other countries.

The European Social Innovation Alliance is a joint project of Centre for Social Investment, Danish Design Centre, Danish Social Innovation Academy, Diakonie Schleswig-Holstein, FASE GmbH, Foundation for Civil Society, Glasgow Caledonian University, Institute for Work and Technology, Phineo gAG, Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland e.V., Shipyard Foundation, Social Enterprise Estonia, Social Innovation Exchange, Tallinn University, Technical University Dortmund, Võru County Development Agency with the lead partner Social Impact gGmbH and is funded by the European Commission via the European Social Fund and the European Programme for Employment and Social Innovation.